there is no teenage love

erik tokle +
david j dowling
los angeles

Los Angeles musicians Erik Tokle and David J Dowling (There is No Teenage Love) create sonic soundscapes through improvisation and live looping, manipulating guitars beyond recognition and dispensing with conventions of structure in favor of a post-modern, abstract and painterly approach to composition.  

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THERE IS NO TEENAGE LOVE from david j dowling on Vimeo.

Sonic Soundscapes for the Post-Everything Era. 
There is No Teenage Love (Erik Tokle and David J Dowling) improvise a wash of looped guitars into organic compositions which float, pulse, jangle, collide and linger delicately on the precipice between inevitable entropy and improbable hope.
Debut Album Coming Summer 2012

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    very pleased to announce the debut album by There Is No Teenage Love (erik tokle and myself). please view this teaser...
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